Design standard for energy efficiency of residential buildings in Qinghai Province(75%)- trial implementation

[DB63T 1626-2018]

This standard is managed by the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction and the Quality Supervision Bureau of Qinghai Province and compiled by the Qinghai Provincial Survey and Design Institute and reviewed by the Expert Committee of the organization. The trial version of the “Design Standard for Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings in Qinghai Province” is now approved as the local standard of Qinghai Province, and the record number DB63T 1626-2018. This standard has been implemented since March 1st, 2018. In order to achieve the strategies on energy conservation and environmental protection, this energy-saving standard has further improved the target to 75%. According to the distribution of the province’s climatic zones in the severe cold regions (A), (B) and (C), the heat conductivity coefficient of the external window is limited from 1.4 to 1.6 K [W / (m2 • K)], the level of air tightness requirement for outsides window (door) and the open balcony door is class 7.