Use: Casement • System depth: 65 mm (windows), 70 mm (doors)


VEKA MATRIX MD65 casement system was, as the whole MATRIX product line, developed with large projects in mind. The optimized 5-chamber window and door system meets all technical specifications of large high-rise projects with a 3-Level center seal gasket solution, but can also match budget constraints. Following the VEKA window system philosophy of quality and functionality, VEKA decided, that technical requirements and secure functionality for casement doors only can be archived with a 70mm system, if 5-chamber-profiles are required. The MATRIX MD65 system has been designed for an easy fabrication process targeting Uw 1.8-2.5 W/m2.K and the need for 3-Level gasket solution.

  • System Uf 1.4 W/m2.K (including steel reinforcements)
  • System depth 65 / 70mm – 5 Chambers
  • Glazing width range from 9mm – 39mm
  • 3-Level center seal gasket system
  • Available in profile wall thickness “Class A” and “Class B”

U-Value of standard window

Unit: W/m2·K

Glass Thickness

  • 22/24 mm

Glass Configuration

  • 5dsLow-E+12/14Ar+5

Ug Value

  • 1.40 W/m2·K

Color Options

Standard White



Moss green

Dark oak

Golden oak


Dark grey