Use: Casement • System depth: 70 mm


VEKA SOFTLINE MD70 casement system is VEKA’s classic 3-Level center seal design system on a 70mm platform. It is produced in all VEKA subsidiaries around the world to identical specifications. Optimized and easy window fabrication and a wide range of special profiles and add-on profiles make the MD70 the perfect choice for villas and other projects with a need for high variety of different window and door styles and designs. It supports very large window sizes, which require a 3-Level gasket solution and Uw of 1.3 – 2.0 W/m2.K.

  • System Uf 1.2 W/m2.K (including steel reinforcements)
  • System depth 70mm – 5 chambers
  • Glazing width range from 22mm – 39mm
  • 3-Level center seal gasket system
  • Glazing depth 21mm
  • Available in profile wall thickness “Class A”
  • Low-energy-house ready

U-Value of standard window

Unit: W/m2·K

Glass Thickness

  • 39 mm

Glass Configuration

  • 5ssLow-E+12Ar+5+12Ar+5 (warm edge)

Ug Value

  • 1.16 W/m2·K

Color Options

Standard White

Standard White

Acryl-Color COEX

COEX dark brown / RAL8019

COEX light grey / RAL7000

COEX dark grey / RAL7016


Laminate Moss green / MBAS600505

Laminate dark oak / MBAS2052089

Laminate golden oak / MBAS2178001

Laminate mahogany / MBAS2097013

Laminate dark grey / MBAS701605

Full Base Color Profiles

Full Color brown

Full color caramel